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April 26, 2022 

CDO TechVent

The NEW way Data Leaders evaluate data tools

Eckerson Group launched an innovative virtual event in 2021 to allow CDO’s and data leaders to quickly assess data platforms in a number of different functional areas. The first edition centered around Data Catalogs and took place on December 15, 2021. Each TechVent is a half-day virtual event for chief data officers and their team leaders to provide practical advice for selecting and implementing key data technologies. Vendors pre-record demonstrations of their product utilizing a standardized format, making needs analysis and comparison much quicker and easier. We hope you will join us for this unique event series. 

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Data governance technology is converging. In the past, organizations purchased data governance functionality from different vendors. Today, organizations can obtain all the data governance capabilities they need from a single vendor.


There is now a race among vendors to offer comprehensive support for all data governance capabilities on a single platform. Emerging data governance platforms promise to support all data governance functions, from data catalogs and business glossaries to policy catalogs, workflow management, and data governance reporting.


In some cases, data governance platforms focus exclusively on data governance activities; in others, they merge data governance with data management and analytics functionality. In either case, the data governance platform sends policies, guidelines, standards, and tags to data management and analytics software and receive  metadata in turn to support governance activity.


Event Schedule

April 26, 2022 11:30 AM ET

11:30 AM

Keynote: "How to Succeed with Data Governance & Pick the Right Tools"
Presenters: Sean Hewitt, Josh Reid
View Presentation

12:30 PM

Technology Panel: "How to Evaluate and Select a Data Governance Platform"

1:30 PM

Breakout Rooms 
"Technical Questions & Answers"

2:15 PM

Wrap Up: "Key Takeaways from the Event"

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Eckerson Group Research
  • Report: "Data Governance Automation: Making the Most of Data and Analytics Technologies"
    Apr 30, 2020 by Dave Wells in Data Management
    Data governance is fraught with challenges—scaling to meet the growth of data volumes, keeping pace with agile projects, protecting data without inhibiting self-service, and more. Modern data governance simply is not practical as a loose collection of manual processes. The time for data governance automation is now.

  • Report: "Deep Dive on Data Governance Platforms: Three Tools to Consider"
    Mar 3, 2022 by Sanjeev Mohan in Guest Blogs
    This report profiles three leading data governance platforms from OvalEdge, Alation, and Informatica. Data leaders can use the report to evaluate which data governance platforms are best suited to their requirements. 

  • Product Evaluation Matrix: This Excel spreadsheet provides a scoring framework for evaluating and ranking multiple data catalog products. It consists of 16 categories and 78 capabilities for comparing and contrasting data governance products. You can tailor the criteria and weights to your organization's requirements. The tool makes it easier to create a product shortlist and rank products by objective criteria.  

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