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CDO TechVent for
Next Generation Data Catalogs:

Practices and Products You Need to Know


June 21, 2023 11:30 AM ET

Data catalogs automate the collection, discovery, and curation of information about data assets. They are critical for optimizing data quality, self-service analytics, data operations, data governance, data privacy, and data security. Despite these benefits, many companies have struggled to implement data catalogs and gain a critical mass of users.

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Event Abstract

Keynote: Wayne Eckerson

A new generation of data catalog products promise to accelerate adoption while delivering the intelligence that comes from managing metadata in a systematic fashion. Vendors have reinvented their products using AI and active metadata to automate many data-driven activities. And they have doubled down on ease-of-use and fast installs to deliver value quickly. Collectively, these tools increase the business value of data by reducing risk, automating processes, and increasing trust in data throughout the enterprise. 


This topical virtual event is designed to help data and governance leaders evaluate and select next-generation data catalogs and learn best practices for implementing them. The event compresses the time it takes data leaders to understand this new technology, create a short list of products, and hear tips from experts, practitioners, and solutions providers in the field. 


Attendees Will Learn

  • What has changed in the world of data catalogs

  • How data catalogs now serve as the foundation for data governance 

  • How new products use machine learning to automate tasks 

  • How active metadata optimizes data management operations

  • How to create a short list of products tailored to your needs

  • Best practices for implementing data catalogs


The CDO TechVent is an innovative, virtual event designed to help data leaders evaluate and select emerging data technologies and learn best practices for implementing them.


The event compresses the time it takes data leaders and their teams to understand the value proposition of an emerging technology, create a short list of products tailored to their organization, and learn implementation tips from experts, practitioners, and solutions providers in the field.

The NEW Way Data Leaders Evaluate Data Tools

CDO TechVent Helps CDOs:

  • Understand the trends driving key data technologies

  • Accelerate the evaluation and selection of new products

  • Understand key differences among products

  • Identify which products are best suited to their organization

  • Understand best practices for implementing products

  • Evaluate products side-by-side in a virtual bake-off

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Event Schedule

Event begins June 21, 2023 11:30 AM ET

11:30 AM

-Wayne Eckerson
-David Hendrawirawan

-Nitin Singhal


12:15 PM

Technology Panel:
-Wayne Eckerson
-Bryon Jacob
-Lewis Wynne-Jones
-Kaycee Lai

1:00 PM

Breakout Sessions
Deep dive into key topics & issues.

Data – The Missing Piece In Data Catalogs

Presenter: Lewis Wynne-Jones & Connor Wilson

Join us as we delve into the core of data catalogs and what’s critically missing from them: data. Our experts will shed light on the essential role of data, metadata, and their combined impact on data discovery and evaluation within data catalogs.

First, accelerate time-to-value through data virtualization, allowing you to access and analyze data from multiple sources in a single motion, regardless of location or format. Then, automated data quality scoring, which empowers you to make informed decisions by assessing data integrity and reliability automatically. Finally, use that data by sharing it through the catalog. Discover how a unified plane of control enables easy and secure collaboration while maintaining compliance and minimizing risks.

How AI and Automation are Shaping the Future of Data Catalogs

Presenter: Bryon Jacob

Just a few months ago, ChatGPT became the fastest growing consumer application in history with over 2-million active users in its first two months. Now AI is seen as the next great frontier in data. In this session, we’ll explore how artificial intelligence is changing data cataloging and data governance today, and we’ll look into the future where automation powered by bots are driving unprecedented productivity and efficiency in data work.

AI and NLP Require a New Data Catalog Approach

Presenter: Kaycee Lai

Growing demand for real-time analytics and data insights combined with affordable storage have made data more plentiful than ever, but transforming that data into revenue generating business use cases has become increasingly challenging as data sources are fragmented. 

New AI data quality and NLP tools are increasing data operations and business analyst requirements for data accessibility and time to answer. 

However, the traditional data catalog has become unable to keep up with the needs of agile business analytics users and efficiency conscious data engineering teams.

In this discussion, we dive into how a data fabric architecture that combines the functionalities of a data catalog with the ability to quickly and easily access data can help your company reach its analytics and data consumption goals.


Innovation Hub
Connect with experts & exhibitors

2:00 PM

Wrap Up Session
Key Takeaways & Recommendations

Event Speakers

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