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Building Data Products with
Data Mesh and Data Fabric:
Practices and Products You Need to Know


August 17, 2023 11:30 AM ET

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The CDO TechVent is an innovative, virtual event designed to help data leaders evaluate and select emerging data technologies and learn best practices for implementing them.


The event compresses the time it takes data leaders and their teams to understand the value proposition of an emerging technology, create a short list of products tailored to their organization, and learn implementation tips from experts, practitioners, and solutions providers in the field.

The NEW Way Data Leaders Evaluate Data Tools

CDO TechVent Helps CDOs:

  • Understand the trends driving key data technologies

  • Accelerate the evaluation and selection of new products

  • Understand key differences among products

  • Identify which products are best suited to their organization

  • Understand best practices for implementing products

  • Evaluate products side-by-side in a virtual bake-off

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