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AUGUST 18, 2022 11:30 AM ET

The emerging discipline of observability seeks to help business and IT leaders understand all the moving pieces. It monitors indicators, correlates them, identifies issues, assesses root causes, generates alerts, and remediates issues. But how do you extract just the right signals from all that noise? And how many tools do you need?

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An innovative, half-day, virtual event for chief data officers and team leaders that provides practical advice for selecting and implementing key data technologies.

The NEW Way Data Leaders Evaluate Data Tools

CDO TechVent Helps CDOs:

  • Understand the trends driving key data technologies

  • Accelerate the evaluation and selection of new products

  • Understand key differences among products

  • Identify which products are best suited to their organization

  • Understand best practices for implementing products

  • Evaluate products side-by-side in a virtual bake-off