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Analytics for Power Users:
Practices and Products You Need to Know

How to Increase the Productivity of Data Analysts and Citizen Data Scientists


December 13, 2023 11:30 AM ET

Data analysts are the heart and soul of any data-driven organization. They work on the front lines of the business, answering ad hoc questions from departmental heads and business unit leaders. They are key resources in data-driven organizations. 


Unfortunately, most are handicapped with antiquated tools and practices. They rely on a heavy dose of Excel and visualization tools to generate insights; they spend more time fixing and preparing data than analyzing it; they often can’t find or access the data they need to answer business questions in a timely manner, and they work in isolation, rarely reusing each other’s work or standard metrics. 


Fortunately, there are new technologies and techniques that promise to turbocharge analyst productivity, giving them superpowers they never had before. Many technologies use artificial intelligence to simplify data discovery and automate analytical tasks, while others embed collaboration and workflows to foster reuse, sharing, and knowledge. New techniques promise to turn analysts from passive order takers to proactive strategists who use data to help business leaders deliver value. 


This 3-hour virtual event is designed to help data & analytics leaders evaluate and select products that empower data analysts and learn best practices for implementing and using them. Besides creating short lists of analytics products, it will review best practices for managing data analysts, teaching them business communications skills, and establishing compelling career paths.  


This event is geared to data leaders whose teams are responsible for guiding, directing, and governing the output of data analysts and business teams. It is also geared to business executives and managers who rely on data analysts to answer pressing business problems and generate novel insights. It also targets data analysts and managers of data analysts. 


You Will Learn: 

  • How organizations can get more value from data analysts

  • How new technologies and products turbocharge data analyst productivity 

  • How to evaluate and select products for data analysts

  • How many products data analysts need to be productive

  • How to train data analysts to work with business managers

  • How to organize data analysts for maximum productivity

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